Hosting .NET Runtime in C++ Tip o’ the day or "Where is IAppDomainSetup?"

Are you hosting the .NET runtime and trying to create another AppDomain? Notice that you need to call CreateDomainSetup and cast the IUnknown to IAppDomainSetup to set properties? Notice also that IAppDomainSetup isn’t defined in mscoree.h? Add the following (stdafx.h or anywhere else): #import <mscorlib.tlb> raw_interfaces_only no_smart_pointers high_property_prefixes(“_get”,”_put”,”_putref”) then you can say: CComPtr<mscorlib::IAppDomainSetup> pAppDomainSetup; Ta da!


.NET Sidebar Gadget Creator Update

OK, ran into some problems with UAC on Vista and hopefully I have it solved. I’ve uploaded a new version of the application. I’ve gotten a couple email from people that tested the last version so I want to say thanks for testing it out. Again, let me know any issues you find with this…


Creating .NET Sidebar Gadgets…The Easy Way

So you want to create a Vista Sidebar gadget and you want to use .NET to do so. While it is certainly possible, it does have a few hurtles to jump. 2 of the major hurdles include assembly registration and gadget uninstallation. Let me explain: First off, let me explain the typical setup of a…


Fourth of July Vista Sidebar

I found a screensaver that plays nicely with my Vista ScreenSaver Sidebar gadget. Just in time for the 4th of July!  First, go get the ScreenSaver gadget and install it to your sidebar: Next, go grab the SkyRocket ScreenSaver and install it to your C:\Windows\System32 directory:  Open the configuration options for the Sidebar…