WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation RTM

Since a few people have asked, I updated the source for WFPad to work with the latest and greatest Windows Workflow Foundation.

Click the link to download: WFPad.exe or the zip file:


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  1. Sam Gentile says:

    We finally saw some snow here but it was under an inch. Today, my team has a release party. After 14

  2. hinshelm says:

    Could you expose this file as something else other than a .exe as my corporate network blocks it! Maybe a Zip or a msi!

  3. Mark Schmidt’s a puesto una última versión del WFPad , para Windows Workflow Foundation. Lo acabo de

  4. Hi Mark,

    WFPad is very cool. Did you include support for loading my own custom activies in the designer? Do you think it would be easy to do that?


  5. chakri says:


    WFPad is good. Could you please tell me how to add our own custom activies in the designer? Then it will be very useful.


  6. BEM says:

    Hello Mark,

    can you tell how to do the same in Web applications without an activeX?



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