I’m not half the man I used to be…

I'm about 3/4 what I used to be. I recently finished the 20/20 weight management program of which Microsoft pays a large portion of. I started the Monday before Thanksgiving (why oh why did I not start after Thanksgiving) and just recently finished at the end of May. It was a 27 week program consisting of trainer sessions, a personal dietician, psychologist, small group meetings and regular doctor visits. I started at 262 pounds and wittled down to a fit 198 pounds (that's 64 pounds!). In that time I ran a race, climbed a mountain and pushed myself to run 11.6 miles one sunny Saturday.

The cool thing is, I refused to see a lot of my family and friends during the time waiting instead to surprise them on Memorial Day. In fact, all I told them was that I have an announcement to make and want to meet them at my mothers house in Long Beach, WA. The look on everyone's face was priceless.

I also decided to throw together a video (and by "throw together" I literally mean it. The quality isn't that great). I just finished uploading it to iFilm. Take a look if you're interested.


Feel free to comment/email and I'll provide more details on what I went through.

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  1. Shaun Bender says:

    Great job and good video!  

  2. Mark

    great job, now you have to keep it up and mantain the good habits

    excellent you did something for your health.

  3. cisakson says:

    Nice work!  Makes me realize I need to put forth a bit of effort along the same lines.

  4. Scot Shattuck says:


    I have been searching for you guys for months.  I thought I found you by googling you and found out you’re a program C+++ author, at least I think that is you.  I googled you again and found your adobe.  Great video!  You look great.  Here is my e-mail address if you want to write.  s.shattuck@comcast.net

    Scott Shattuck,

    Priarie High School Class of 1991

  5. I, like many other people in the Seattle area, ran the St. Patrick’s Day Dash yesterday. For those that

  6. I, like many other people in the Seattle area, ran the St. Patrick’s Day Dash yesterday. For those that

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