WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 is here!

Back by popular demand, I now release the Beta 2 version of WFPad. However, it's not a simple port but a new and improved version. In this version, you can open workflows contained in any .NET assemblies (if I recall, that feature didn't work so well in the previous version...though I may be mistaken). I did find Lab 10 from the WF Hands on labs to be quite informative and therefore "borrowed" some code but altered it slightly to work with WFPad. So go ahead and play with it. Will there be bugs? Yes. But since you have the source code, you can fix them for me (sinister laugh). Enjoy!

Click here to download the project

Comments (15)

  1. Paul Andrew says:

    Mark Schmidt has updated his fun WFPad application for WF Beta 2. It allows you to edit XAML in text…

  2. Resumé :

    Tout d’abord ouverture de session et presentation par Monsieur Marc Jalabert qui nous explique…

  3. We have a number of scenarios we’d like to enable in future releases of Visual Studio Team Foundation…

  4. Martin says:

    Any plans for upgrading this to Beta 2.2?

  5. Note: This posting is for Beta 1 of Windows Workflow Foundation. For an updated Beta 2 build, please

  6. Sam Gentile says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is very useful. I tried to build and run under the latest Workflow RC5 and I got this exeception:

    The service System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Compiler.IWorkflowCompilerOptionsService already exists in the service container.

    Any ideas?

  7. Note: This posting is for Beta 1 of Windows Workflow Foundation. For an updated Beta 2 build, please

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi all , very nice site! Thank You !

  9. Dave says:

    This has several run time problems under VS2008 beta 2 and FX3.5 – is there an update for these newer versions of the studio and framework. Thanks, Dave

  10. Pascal GANAYE says:

    I had runtime error on loading of the program.

    If I comment

    host.AddService(typeof(IWorkflowCompilerOptionsService), new WorkflowCompilerOptionsService());



    then it reach the first screen.

  11. David Santana says:

    very cool and very interesting ,nice work!!!

    but does not have an activity an element like a tag in order to store an associated object to that activity to the workflow or somehow the capability to create a new class that derives from activity and implements new properties for example for using WF for drawing and constructing WF for solely drawing workflows purposes?

  12. David Santana says:

    another interesting tool or adding for visual studio could be at design time the use of dinamically creation of a workflow to show the flux of the code while programming, this workflow can have an aprox measure of the computing time spent by the flux. so people can recognize that an int.parse is faster than a ie.

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