Follow up to interview question

My first interview question was pretty successful. The one that was closest to my solution was Paul Bartrum (that name sounds familiar for some reason) followed closely by domovoi (though I didn’t test his). Both Paul and I had just a single for loop enumerating once over the collection. I used the concept of “period”…


WFPad – Viewing/Editing Workflow’s in XML

Note: This posting is for Beta 1 of Windows Workflow Foundation. For an updated Beta 2 build, please go to: Windows Presentation Foundation has XAMLPad as a tool. With this tool, you simply enter in some Xaml at the bottom and view the results within the application itself. Why not create something like that…


I’m sorry. No comments notification

I always assumed that my blog was low on the radar since I never receive comments. The way it’s supposed to work is that I receive an email whenever a comment gets posted on one of my entries. Well, I never received those emails. When I went to the feedback section in the admin portion…


Find me at the Business Process Integration & Workflow Conference (prize)

UPDATE: Day 3. I did not attend yesterday due to health issues but I will be there today starting at the 1:30 session. Today I’m wearing: 1. Black hooded sweatshirt2. Black hat with green Spartan logo on front (I’m a Skyline Spartans Youth Football coach)3. Dirty washed jeans (I hate em but my wife makes…


Viewing a Workflow’s Definition in Xoml

I attended a “get to know your son’s/daughter’s teacher” event last night for my son’s new school (new in that it is still under construction). A major theme I took away is that teaching styles have drastically changed in the little bit of time I’ve been out of school (ok, maybe not little but it…


Import entire NHL or single team schedules into Outlook

If you just want to do it, click here otherwise, read on. Yes, hockey has finally returned. October 5th can’t come any sooner. While browsing around the web, I started to look to see if anyone had a way to import the entire NHL season into my Outlook calendar. I did find one but a)…


Dynamic Update 101 for Windows Workflow Foundation

One of the really cool features of Windows Workflow Foundation is the ability to dynamically update a running workflow by inserting new activities or changing the properties of existing activities. All of this is done at runtime and really opens up some cool possibilities when you start looking at how you could apply this feature….


Interview question. Do you know the answer? Is it too tough?

    I’ve written 2 books in my life and while writing my 2nd book a question popped into my head out of nowhere and consumed me for the better part of an hour or so. The book was a “cookbook” and so I had to think of problems and then give the solution. Here’s the…


Get the Window Workflow Foundation Tutorial source code here

I am responsible for designing the tutorials that go into the documentation for Windows Workflow Foundation (among other things). I’m also responsible for implementation which includes all the coding and writing for the tutorials. The Beta 1 release of Windows Workflow Foundation contains 3 tutorials but there will be more for Beta 2 and the…


Want to run more than 1 Windows Worklow Foundation runtime engine in a process?

If you try to create multiple WorkflowRuntime objects in the same process you’ll notice that the first engine instance starts up just fine but the subsequent instances all throw exceptions. Windows Workflow Foundation only allows 1 runtime object per AppDomain in a process. This means that if you were thinking you could create a multithreaded…