Creating Style Shortcuts for Word Styles

Believe it or not, this post isn’t geared towards developers (although some may benefit from this tip when writing specs). What follows are some handy shortcuts I use when working with Word documents to make it just a little quicker to style some text. I’ll start with creating your own styles, follow that up by showing…


Creating Multiple Input Maps for BizTalk Server 2004

When you create a new map in BizTalk Server 2004 through the Add New Item menu in Visual Studio .NET 2003, you are presented with a 3 pane window. On the left side is a link that says “Open Source Schema”. Clicking on this link will open the Select Artifact dialog box containing any schemas…


What do you want to see?

I’m currently working on 2 utilities absolutely unrelated to anything I’m doing here at Microsoft. This isn’t new since I’ve been doing this ever since I got into the industry (even before I was an official “programmer”).  This time I have 2 utilities that I’m creating knowing that when they’re finished, I will use them…


Interop with Internet Explorer

I find that one of the best ways to learn something new is to not fire up a search engine and start reading what other people have done but to do it yourself. Someone asked me yesterday how you would go about calling a .NET assembly from client side JScript in Internet Explorer (handy if…


So easy it should be illegal

Every once in awhile, I do something in .NET that just makes me love it even more.  If you come from a C++ (and esp. an ATL/COM) background, you’ll probably have those moments too.  Here’s one that came to me today (note that this project is just a daily exercise and is not an indication…


Here we go again

I remember some parts of that historic day so long ago.  It was a beautiful spring morning on Sunday which meant plenty of time for playing outdoors. I was 7 at the time and still getting used to the fact that I had a new baby brother (who was almost one by this time).  I don’t…


Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tip o’ the day

Ok, I’m pulling another little tip out of my big grab bag of useful programmer tricks. These one is quite simple to do and I use it all the time. How many times do you have to go to your local file system to look at your solution’s files? For me, it’s all the time….


Textamerica and .Text

I recently purchased a new camera cell phone (LG model L1150). Naturally the first step is to play with all the bells and whistles on it. The 2nd step was to figure out how to get my pictures off the cell phone and onto a website with the least amount of work on my part…


XML to COM Object Property Mapping

I’m copying this entry that I posted on my old personal blog so I don’t lose it.  Note that if you read it, convert it to past tense since I wrote it while working for HP.  If I remember correctly, the code was the result of browsing through ITypeInfo docs all over the net.  Enjoy. …


MS Research: Video to Toon

Video production is one of my hobbies.  My software of choice is Vegas Video 5.0 due to its power, flexibility, feature set and price compared to its competitors.  So far I think I’ve created somewhere around 16 or so short video segments (4 of them actually used some cool chromakeying effects).  Anyway, that’s not the point…