Whidbey: opaque -> transparent

Stuart commented on my last post - explaining how in the long run people will adjust to the new way and we'll still get to have our cake (be much more transparent) and eat it (get some bang around milestones like beta release) too.  What he said is key and is the thing I keep in mind every time some “bad” thing happens because of transparency:  the challenge is the transition.  When people are used to our old beta cycle and they get a mostly-untested community drop, they expect it to work like a beta.  When we don't reveal much information about schedules, it's a big deal when we suddenly start dropping bits of info about our schedules.  In the long run people will start having more accurate expectations.  In the short-term though each change is an opportunity for a disconnect between what we do and what people are expecting.

Of course, this doesn't absolve us from having to do a better job with each of these things.  I really want to make the community drop experience better.  When we talk about schedules, we have to go overboard in explaining them so we don't accidently leave room for misinterpretation.  Etc.. 

Gotta run - a lot of release prep going on right now and I want to make sure we're ready when the bits are ready. 🙂

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