Visual Studio 2005 Technical Preview March 2004

... also known as Whidbey.  People are starting to get this - some got it at VSLive/MDC, MSDN subscribers can download it now, and we're in the process of manufacturing and shipping media to alpha participants, MVPs and PDC attendees (should start showing up over the next week). 

This is not beta-quality.  We run weeks of tests prior to shipping a beta, and fix very little during that time other than major showstoppers.  This build in contrast has roughly one night of testing on it - we know it's not toxic but you'll definitely see ugly bugs.  We're trying to balance multiple considerations here - we don't want to stop the team just to get a build out, we do want to give people more frequent access, and we don't want customers to waste time installing a build that doesn't work at all for them.  For now, we think customers should install this only on a spare machine and only if you're ok with a “work-in-progress”.  We'll do more of these and as we get closer to RTM the quality will go up.  But for now, be warned 🙂 has some additional information on Whidbey, and we'll be posting more information specific to this preview in the coming days.  If you have comments/suggestions, please let me know.  Thanks! 

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  1. anon says:

    I am not a MSDN subscriber, is there any way that I can get my hands on this Tech Preview?

  2. Amr Essam says:

    I develop with both C# and VB.NET, but I like VB.NET to be better because I am old VB developer.

    I just installed VS.NET 2005 (Technology Preview), and this my prompt feedback


    I surprised that I found productive feature in C# and not

    in VB.NET, this features:

    1) Refactoring

    I tried Refactoring in C#, It is really very productive


    2) IntelliSense/Auto Completion (Keywords)

    Now only in C# debugger feel the Language keywords like

    (private, public, foreach …), and auto complete it to


    However VB.NET have longer Keywords such as (MustInherit,



    I dreamt that I can find these features in VS.NET, but

    unfortunately I frustrated when I found this feature in C#

    not VB.NET 🙁

    Microsoft always say that it concentrate on Productivity

    features in VB.NET, How does VB.NET 2005 lack these

    very productive features ?!

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Amr Essam

    Consultant & Team Lead


    Dallas, Texas

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