Any timing on the Whidbey Beta yet?

I got this beta timing question a few days back.  I'm sure you've heard this before, but we don't announce beta/release dates mostly because we don't know exactly when the development/testing stars will line up. 

While I can't tell you when the beta will be, I can tell you that we will be releasing a non-beta-quality build in a matter of weeks.  This build won't be for everyone - it will have very limited testing, it may/will have significant bugs, it probably won't install/side-by-side/uninstall cleanly, etc..  But for someone with a spare machine and the patience/time, it will be an opportunity to see Whidbey's progress since last fall.  We'll distribute this to alpha customers, mvps, pdc attendees, msdn subscribers, and attendees at some events in the near future.  In the long run we want to make these “community” builds available broadly/publicly, but we don't have those logistics worked out yet and so we're starting with what we know we can do.  I've mentioned before that we're going to do more frequent drops - this is the first one.  We will also continue to do less-frequent beta-quality drops - with full testing, clean install/uninstall scenarios, etc.. -which will be intended for all customers. 

More details to come in the near future. 

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  1. I am not an MVP, customer and my IT department at work takes forever to give me access to MSDN downloads.

    Is there anyway I can request to be included in the early adopter’s program as an individual. I’ll be happy to write extensive feedback on Whidbey and help shaping it!

    Or any way other people can download it? I’ve attended DevDays if that matters.

  2. Ryan says:

    Can you say whether ASP.NET 2.0 will be released before the end of 2004?

    Can you say whether Visual Studion .NET 2005 will be released before the end of 2004?

  3. Amr Essam says:

    I develop with both C# and VB.NET, but I like VB.NET to be better because I am old VB developer.

    I just installed VS.NET 2005 (Technology Preview), and this my prompt feedback


    I surprised that I found productive feature in C# and not

    in VB.NET, this features:

    1) Refactoring

    I tried Refactoring in C#, It is really very productive


    2) IntelliSense/Auto Completion (Keywords)

    Now only in C# debugger feel the Language keywords like

    (private, public, foreach …), and auto complete it to


    However VB.NET have longer Keywords such as (MustInherit,



    I dreamt that I can find these features in VS.NET, but

    unfortunately I frustrated when I found this feature in C#

    not VB.NET 🙁

    Microsoft always say that it concentrate on Productivity

    features in VB.NET, How does VB.NET 2005 lack these

    very productive features ?!

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Amr Essam

    Consultant & Team Lead


    Dallas, Texas

  4. Update (1/31/08): It looks like Snippy has now found a home on CodePlex . I haven’t been maintaining

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