Whidbey distribution media

Thanks to all who commented on my question about distributing Whidbey builds on CDs or DVDs - I wanted to get back to you.  For the frequent updates, we're going to go with DVDs and downloads as the distribution media.  This provides a decent balance between serving everyone, convenience, and cost.  Again, I was asking in the context of providing frequent updates, i.e. not our less-frequent higher-quality, beta-style builds - I would expect the beta builds to be available via various media including CDs to ensure that media is not a blocker for customers.  There were also a number of suggestions re: putting cd images on the dvds as well to enable someone to burn their own if necessary - we're still following up on that.

Someone emailed me a question re: who to contact if their PDC Top10 DVD didn't show up: 


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  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the address!

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