PDC Attendees and new Whidbey bits

A number of people are asking whether PDC attendees will get new updates of Whidbey bits.  The simple answer is yes - when we make new versions of Whidbey available either in beta form or the interim builds that Ari Bixhorn was recently quoted on, we will make sure PDC attendees get the updates too (or have the option of getting them).  In the long run we want to make our beta processes more obvious and predictable, e.g. “Once you are in the program, you stay in the program until RTM” or something reasonable like that.  As I just posted in response to another blog, some of people's concern comes from the fact that the beta programs in the past have been neither transparent nor predictable.  We will fix that.  There is a small catch with the PDC that we are working through, in particular our commitment to not spamming attendees with all kinds of cool stuff.  (In my mind, since we handed out Whidbey bits there this wouldn't be spam - but then I assume all spammers have strong rationale why their spam is ok.  If anyone thinks it's not ok to send updates to attendees, I'd love to hear about it since right now this is a no-brainer for me.)  I'm sure we will work this out though and that PDC attendees will be included in the Whidbey beta program moving forward. 

Comments (1)

  1. Aaron A. Anderson says:

    I wouldn’t consider this spam at all. In fact, I would consider it PDC related content/updates. 🙂 Part of why I blew my company’s wad.

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