IT Skills & Talent In Canada – Myths and Realities – Part 1

Working in today’s IT industry comes with a variety of challenges, especially in these tough economic times.  Jobs are becoming more complex, employers expectations are high and employees need more than just technical skills to grow their careers.  I had a chance to sit down with Shane Schick from itWorldCanada to discuss the state of…


From IMPRINT – Microsoft "sends us the Bill"

From the latest edition of IMPRINT (Waterloo’s student paper) Microsoft sends us "the Bill" Bill Gates to make UW his only Canadian stop in North American tour Ashley Csanady – staff reporter Bill Gates will be returning to UW on the morning of February 21 to address students in the Humanities Theatre. Much like his…


Reboot Canada

Are you a gadget geek like me – always building your own PCs and Servers?  Always buying the latest toys?  If you are, then you have likely faced this problem – a closet full of outdated parts or a PC that becomes a paperweight when you upgrade.  Recycling a PC is not a simple task…


The Apprentice

Had an idea for a reality show.  It’s a play on the Donald Trump sponsored show “The Apprentice” where the thin and beautiful entrepreneurs of America compete to run one of Mr. Trump’s companies.  The contests have been ridiculous so far – selling lemonade, managing Planet Hollywood, renovating a house and running an auction.  I’d…


Rocking The Toronto Launch – My Day At The VS / SQL Event In Toronto

Rocking The Launch:     Here at Microsoft Canada we have been working our butts off getting ready for the tour.  I am talking about really long days and a lot of effort from a lot of people.  So, it was a real thrill to finally get to Launch Day.   For me, Launch started…


Photos From The Ice House

Some photos, taken by my team today at the Ice House.


07/11/2004, 8:58 PM – Blogging at 40,000ft to avoid Air Rage… (RANT)

After an incredibly busy October, I have found some time to return to blogging.  Locked in a metal tube at 40,000ft seems a great time to get my thoughts down on “paper”.   First – a quick discussion on technology and flying.  On my last 2 flights (to Vancouver and Montreal) I have noticed some…


Introducing Canadian Developer Community Radio (brought to you by MSDN Canada)!

  Introducing Canadian Developer Community Radio (brought to you by MSDN Canada)!   “Podcasting” – we really question the term as it seems to limit one’s choice of device, but we love the concept and the power of this new paradigm of audio delivery.   So, let’s call it a “BlogCast” or an “Internet Audio…


My continued love of the Dell M1330

My team and I have come to a clear conclusion – the vast majority of really happy Vista users are also M1330 or M1530 users.  Seriously, when I talk to somebody and they say that they are loving their Vista experience they always seem to answer “M1330” when I ask “what machine do ya have?”…