Webcast–Migrating off of IE6 to IE8

If you haven’t heard, we really want to see people move off of IE6.  I thought I’d call out this webcast on some suggestions to our business customers of how to do it:  (link)  

RIP Floppy Disks

http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/26/sony-shutting-down-japanese-floppy-disk-sales-by-march-2011-kil/ Sony gets out of the floppy disk business… the end of an era along with Polaroid film…..

3 Things To Know About Our Ecosystem

(This post can also be seen on the Windows Team Blog) Any Saturday afternoon you are likely to find me at the local Best Buy or Fry’s. You see, I am a gadget nut and I love finding that next great product that helps me do something new or better. This is, of course, a…

Green Eggs….

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