Want My Job?

Recently I announced my move to join the Windows business group in Redmond.  Well, now it is time for me to hand over the reigns of the DPE Canada Organization to someone else.

So, if you want my job – read on.  It’s an amazing gig, leading an world-class team, with a tremendous mission.


Director – Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE)


The Challenge:

As a member of the Canadian Leadership Team at Microsoft Canada, The Director of the DPE is an exciting and dynamic role that offers both the opportunity to be “chief technology evangelist” for Microsoft Canada and the exciting business challenge of owning an end-to-end business. This role has national and industry wide impact. Outside of Microsoft, this role helps to support and grow Canada’s technology economy. The role provides a chance to build a strong public profile which includes press, public speaking and key thought leadership opportunities; to meet with customers and partners across the country; to experience sales and strategic business development; and to ensure the success of an exciting and diverse set of marketing programs.


About The Organization:

The Developer & Platform Evangelism Group (DPE) mission is to “Secure the Future of the Microsoft Platform” by ensuring that students, startups, developers, IT Pros, and ISVs choose Microsoft platforms. To achieve this goal, DPE works across 3 key engagement areas – Technical Audiences Marketing & Evangelism, Customer Engagement & Tools Sales and Partner Engagement. This group’s mission is critical to the long term success of Microsoft. It is a unique group that combines product marketing, audience marketing, sales, business development and technology evangelism. DPE offers an exciting people environment - it prides itself on an agile business philosophy and a dedication to personal development.

The impact of DPE spans 3 key pillars:

  1. Supporting Canada’s Technical Professionals by connecting with them and responding to their needs with outstanding programs, activities, interactions and content. We also engage with students in sciences, technology, engineering, math and design to ensure we are supporting the next generation of Technology Professionals.
  2. Driving strategic platform & technology adoption by helping our customers and our partners do amazing things with our software.  DPE aims to help them maximize the impact of the software they already have and helping them be ready for the technology of the future. This also includes a variety of initiatives including improving our position as a web platform provider, driving new industry standards.
  3. Inspire, Support & Foster Canadian Innovation. DPE works to grow Canada’s “software economy”. This includes engaging with startups, building relationships with Academic institutions, building industry partnerships and working with government.

Specific DPE activities include:

  • Connecting the Developer, Architect and IT Pro audiences through an integrated approach to evangelism, communities and intelligent audience marketing.
  • Engaging Independent Software Vendors through depth and breadth technical evangelism activities
  • Driving highly visible reference wins on strategic technologies in enterprise accounts that lead to compelling customer reference
  • Product Management of the Development Tools products and key platform technologies such as .NET and Silverlight.
  • Sales of Microsoft Developer Tools and Platform
  • Engaging technical students and faculty in universities, colleges and high schools


The Role:

As Director of the Developer & Platform Evangelism Group this role leads a team of 30 people help secure the future of the Microsoft Platform. This role is also a key member of the Canadian Leadership Team, helping to ensure the success of the Canadian subsidiary as a whole.

This role is the overall business leader of DPE, as well as being accountable for key strategic initiatives within the subsidiary. The Director of DPE Canada will have the following priorities during the fiscal year:

  • Ensure Windows 7 compatibility and lighthouse applications
  • Grow Internet Explorer share and lighthouse applications
  • Drive Web Platform Share
  • Technical Audiences (Developers, IT Pros, Students, Startups)
  • Own the Developer Tools business in Canada – Win Share, Grow Licenses, and exceed Revenue targets
  • Lead the overall ISV Strategy for Canada
  • Lead the overall S+S Strategy for Canada
  • Build a strong culture of competing within DPE Canada

Key responsibilities of this role (with support of the entire DPE team) include:


  • Build an innovative set of marketing programs to connect with Canada’s Technology Professionals
  • Build a strong yearly product and platform marketing plan
  • Execution of our product and platform campaigns, promotions and activities
  • Work in conjunction with our marketing and communications team in the development and execution of our campaigns and agency management

Technology Adoption:

  • Win share in the marketplace of our development platforms (such as .NET), key infrastructure technologies (such as virtualization) and development tools (such as Visual Studio)
  • Drive adoption of our technologies with customers, with a focus on building key wins that can be used as evidence / reference to build momentum in the Canadian marketplace.
  • Ensure compatibility with and use of key client and web technologies (such as Windows 7 and IE8)
  • Drive the business development around key strategic wins that highlight our technology
  • Be a thought leader for key technology focus areas such as Software+Services and Microsoft’s Web Platform


  • Drive the overall ISV strategy for Canada
  • Build a powerful ecosystem of partners around our technology
  • Build readiness programs to help prepare partnership for our future technology programs


  • Maintain the overall Tools Forecast. Accurate and timely sales pipeline forecasting and participation in the subsidiary forecasting process, including integration into the Server & Tools business processes.
  • Achievement of our Tools sales goals across all customer segments. Maintain an accurate and effective sales forecast
  • Tools Growth Models and Yearly budget creation. Develop and implement analytics on the health of the business and the market opportunity.


  • Build a strong team that can be agile in achieving the business goals
  • Ensure that an outstanding focus people development is maintain
  • Strive for exception employee satisfaction results

Success will be measured across the sales, evangelism and marketing aspects of the role and achieving a “green” business scorecard.


The Fit:

  • A strong business leader with a track record of success
  • Affinity for public speaking & PR
  • A passion for technology
  • The ability to scale across sales and marketing
  • Ability to drive execution and innovation
  • A solid people manager who can grow, inspire and support the people on the team
  • Experience selling and/or marketing a highly technical product
  • An outstanding ability to execute and orchestrate across teams
  • Ability to fit into a dynamic, high performance team and have fun!
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