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On Wednesday Thursday my team and I will participate in the most anticipated Microsoft event of the year (ok, outside of Halo) - the launch of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

I am very proud of the team.  They have been working day and night for weeks preparing for these events.  We have really started to change how we approach these events and I hope you will see some evidence of our new philosophies during these events.

Things kick off in Toronto with an all-day event featuring our COO - Kevin Turner and a full day of amazing content for Developers, IT Pros and Architects.  We then head across Canada.  I personally will be in Toronto, Vancouver and several of the cities across the country.




But, is this your average launch event?  No.

Why?  Simple.  Our focus on you - your skills, your connections, your career.

  • Join us for the community connection events the night before each launch / readiness event.  This event features a unique workshop brought to you in collaboration with CIPS and ICTC.
  • The readiness content is focused on providing you with the skills and information you need to know, not on "speeds and feeds" of a bunch of new software.
  • Track everything - from the community connection blogs to our content coded HHH_CA (i.e. Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

More to come as the week goes on.........


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