Up This Week: Canadian Strategic Architect Forum


This week I am heading out to Vancouver for the Canadian Strategic Architect Forum.  This is our premier event for software and enterprise Architects and I believe it is a unique event in Canada (it's also invite-only).  Solid agenda and great speakers.  40 breakouts in 4 tracks:  Solution Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Roundtable Sessions, and a Technology Track.

It is a terrific event which started as a skunk works project 4 years ago and has grown in popularity since then.  The best part of the conference are the conversations that take place between the attendees.  It is also a great chance for us to get feedback from some of our key customers on our Enterprise technology roadmap and strategies.

There are a few key changes this year, all driven by the feedback from the community:

  • Canadian Architect Forum should be held in Canada
  • (However) Continue to feature speakers from Redmond
  • Add more topics in the technology track
  • Add more sessions on security, web and virtualization
  • Provide more opportunities for networking with peers
  • Record sessions and make them available to us
  • Provide note taking during sessions
  • Continue to have the ‘table of books’

With those changes in mind, the team has been working REALLY hard to put together a first class event again this year.  Mohammad Akif is the big brain behind the event, thanks in advance to him and the rest of the team.  (Mohammad has a great architect blog here)

Based on what the community told us over the last year, our content will focus on:

  • User experience - Technology must serve business
  • Web – Realizing the potential of Software + Services
  • Productivity – Reduce plumbing, virtualization
  • Services – Easily produce and consume services
  • Tools - Finishing software projects on-time, on-budget
  • Security – Application, network, intranet and internet
  • Interoperability – Between MS technologies and with major vendors

Want more Architect content?  Check out: http://www.skyscrapr.net/ and http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/architecture/default.aspx 

If you are going to be at the event in Vancouver, please let me know or track me down.  If you can't make it, watch the blogs for the follow-up content, webcasts and podcasts.


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