Sonos – My Latest Addition To The Home Network

The latest addition to our home network and the media system in particular is the Sonos Digital Music System.  (

The system is absolutely amazing.  It is a high-end piece of equipment and is somewhat more expensive than other systems like the Slim Devices gear, but you absolutely get what you pay for.


The Sonos is made up of 2 components.  The "Zone Players" that not only output the audio to speakers or line-out, but also handle creating a mesh network and zones in your house.  You can have up to 32 zones.

The second part are the controllers, which are wireless (on 802.11).  The controllers let you select and play music.  They also let you decide what music plays in which zone.


Here is my top 5 reasons the Sonos rocks:

  1. The Remote.  It rocks.  It's friendly for all users and it's easy.  Even a non-geek will love it.
  2. Zones.  Zones without home wiring.  'nuff said.
  3. Proper "party mode" / synchronized playback across all zones
  4. Windows Media Connect integration - simple integration with you music library.
  5. It works with MS based subscription services like URGE and ZUNE.

Check them out -

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