Launch: Thanks Vancouver!

We had a great day in Vancouver for the Launch of Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Exchange Server 2007.  What a turnout!!!! 900 people at the technical tracks alone! 

We had two venues due to come tough logisitics in Vancouver right now.  There is not a facility large enough for an event like this Launch at the moment and we were forced to split the day in two.  Luckily Vancouver is fixing this right now by building a new world class facility (pictured below as seen from my hotel room)


As I mentioned in my previous post I did the opening keynote at the Technical Tracks, which was held at the Paramont Theatres downtown.  Jeff Zado, our Tools PM, was there on stage with me to the demos.


We were joined on stage by Michael Matrick from 90 Degree Software ( who talked about their use of Office 2007 and Vista in the development of their new reporting product called Radius.  Also joining us as a guest speaker was Graham Jones the President of VANTUG - one of the Vancouver based user groups.  Graham talked to us about the vibrant Vancouver technical community.

If you missed the day, you can check all the information at the MSDN and Technet websites:

You should also check out our Community Blogs

Thanks for everyone for taking the time to come and see us.  If you have any feedback, please let us know (good or bad) - it's the only way we learn for the future.

And for those in the overflow rooms watching on the video..... sorry about my shirt. (you had to be there to understand)

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