Zune and Vista – the blogs and media are just wrong.

Honestly, do they think we are crazy?  Of course it works with Vista.  I have one, I have Vista, it works.  When you get one and get Vista, it will work as well.

Don't believe the hype people.


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  1. M3 Sweatt says:

    Note: I have Vista and I’ve had to run this on a dual boot machine running Windows XP MCE with the publicly released Zune bits.

    But good to see that MJF posted the update that noted that "Microsoft is working on Vista compatibility and is shooting to deliver on it by the time Vista is made available to businesses at the end of November."

    Considering that RTM is not yet released, it will be a super achievement if the Zune team gets the Vista support out this month. I’ll bet that they get it done, or maybe at least a public beta.

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