Ready Launch Tour 2005

PDC was just awesome, but it’s good to be home.  The team is now preparing for our next major event – the launch of Visual Studio, SQL and Biztalk.  This is going to be one of the largest launches of the year (perhaps 2nd only to the Xbox 360 launch) for Microsoft.  


Check out the event page @


(Hint:  registration will open in the next few hours, so be sure to go and save your spot!!!)


The team is working round the clock to make the launch tour the best it can be.  Here are the highlights:


  • 10 city, cross-Canada tour
  • Online webcasts and learning opportunities
  • Training offers
  • User Group engagements across the country
  • Behind the scenes blogging
  • BuzzCasts and VidCasts
  • Prizes J
  • And much, much more.


We have created a “master” blog page for the event @ (or you can subscribe to the RSS using


Several members of the MSDN and Technet teams will also be blogging about the content, the tour and the behind-the-scenes action:


Launch Bloggers


And finally, we plan to run some very special contests exclusively through our blogs, so subscribe to the RSS feeds and stay tuned for more information.







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