MSDN Canada Community Radio – Show #3 – Behind The Scenes @ The Spring Tour In Toronto


MSDN Canada Presents Community Radio - Behind The Scenes @ The Spring Tour In Toronto



First, a quick apology for being silent on the audio feed for the last few weeks.  It's our Q4, what can we say - no excuses. 

So, to make it up to you I trekked down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to give you a behind the scenes tour.

We think that we are improving on the quality and content of the audio.  Please feel free to comment back to me with suggestions.


Show notes:

- A quick chat with Adam Gallant

- Barnaby Jeans from our ITPro / TechNet team

- A quick sample of the presentation (recorded live)

- Post-event resources including the presentations, additional reading / webcasts:


Presenter blogs:


Links to the audio for manual download are here:

RSS for community radio is:


Watch for the full Toronto Tour audio to hit the audio feed later in the month.



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  1. Having completed four of the five cities on this tour, I find myself sitting in a hotel room in Montreal…

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