Reboot Canada

Are you a gadget geek like me - always building your own PCs and Servers?  Always buying the latest toys?  If you are, then you have likely faced this problem - a closet full of outdated parts or a PC that becomes a paperweight when you upgrade. 

Recycling a PC is not a simple task and the idea of sending my old equipment to a landfill turns my stomach.  I have been searching a long time trying to find a good way of disposing of my old equipment - let's call it “e-cycling“.  I finally found the solution!!!

reBoot Canada ( is a non-profit charity providing computer hardware, training and technical support to charities, non-profits and people with limited access to technology.  What an amazing operation!  I was there yesterday to drop off my donation.  With a limited staff of a few full time people and a small army of students they tackle a mountain of donated equipment at their warehouse in Toronto.  I don't envy their task!!  They strip down, test, refurbish and finally rebuild all of the equipment.  It is then sent out to charities around Ontario.

I am proud to say that Microsoft Canada supports reBoot (see press release) as part of our community activities. 

So - Geeks Of Toronto Send Them Your Old Gear! 

You will be helping a charity, preventing landfill and you get a tax receipt.

Hats off to Devon and the team at reBoot!  Keep up the great work.



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