Windows Server 2008 Cluster MP released to web !!!

In my opinion, Boris did kick a** job driving this puppy out, especially knowing that Windows hotfix is required for its functionality. This one should help monitoring infrastructure of clustered RMS with future releases of OpsMgr 2007 R2 as well (not beta though)! You can download at:

This release contains some fixes for library and discovery so even Win2k3 cluster users should consider downloading. Thanks for being patient with us!

Comments (2)

  1. Richard K says:

    Just a quick question.  in the "Before you Begin" section, if we don’t have any Windows Server 2008 servers in our environment, do we still need to install the QFE’s and hotfix and the ?

    All I am concerned about is Windows Server 2003, we have no plans to implement or support Windows Server 2008 any time soon.


  2. MSutara says:

    you do not need Windows hotfix, and you do not need to import 2008 MP files. You do want to import library and 2003 refresh though, there are fixes for problems that you might not be currently running into, but may in the future.

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