HOWTO: “restart” monitoring of my environment? (another version UPDATE)

My initial and last posts described restart monitoring tool representing my idea how one can approach “clean up” of the monitoring (scenario described in the first post).

Since then I received some additional and valid feedback and mainly thanks to Microsoft PFE (premier field engineering) team, I can now offer somewhat (mainly speed-vice) improved version of this tool. On top of improving speed, feedback I received was related to the fact that for vast majority, recalculate monitoring task causes no change and has no visible effect. (For those interested, this is due the fact that most monitor types do not define “On-Demand” detection – which is real pity as many would, in my opinion, benefit from having ability o get the state of the monitor “now” rather than wait for next regular monitor detection to make a state change). Such feedback led to the addition of “pure” RESET task (for any instance of the group).

Here is the list of changes:


1.       Fixed deployment and support upgrade for both tools (SDK application and Web application).

2.       Addition of “Reset Monitoring” task, for plain monitor reset which is not followed by request to recalculate instance state.

3.       Change task invocation from PartialMonitoringObject to MonitoringState: reason driven by the fact that timeout can be specified and one do not need to wait for task completion – runtime (currently ) doesn’t return task status to SDK, which means that once task is spawned, it will asynchronously finish its action (well unless low memory or other system type errors occur).

4.       Task now provides output as DisplayName of instances which were affected by such action directly – this means those reset (or eventually recalculated). Indirect result of that should be visible thru dependency - one can locate all instances to which affected instance contributed its state and observe if state change for those was necessary (do-able thru Health Explorer)!


Additional info – command line options:

%Program Files%\System Center Operations Manager 2007 Restart Monitoring Tool

 Microsoft.SystemCenter.Community.RestartMonitoring.App [/s][/o][/r] /instances id [, id ...]

/s            “Pure” command line tool. Option missing means
, that WinForm version of the tool will be executed.
/o           Flag to recognize if to include information about affected instance(s) in output.

/r            Request instance recalculation after its state reset has performed.

Microsoft.SystemCenter.Community.RestartMonitoring.App /s /o /instances <guid – get from PowerShell (all groups (like root management group) are visible thru initial DIR)>

Microsoft.SystemCenter.Community.RestartMonitoring.App /s /o /r /instances <guid>

Attached, you can find NEW VERSION of this tool. Attachment for my old posts will update automatically thru my ISP site.


Please evaluate in your test environment first! As expected, this solution is provided AS-IS, with no warranties and confers no rights. Use is subject to the terms specified at Microsoft. Future versions of this tool may be created based on time and requests.

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