HOWTO: “restart” monitoring of my environment? (another version UPDATE)

My initial and last posts described restart monitoring tool representing my idea how one can approach “clean up” of the monitoring (scenario described in the first post). Since then I received some additional and valid feedback and mainly thanks to Microsoft PFE (premier field engineering) team, I can now offer somewhat (mainly speed-vice) improved version…

HOWTO: “restart” monitoring of my environment? (UPDATE)

My last post tried to introduce a tool which restarts monitoring of OpsMgr environment. Cameron (and others) is (are) actively looking at its use and here is an update based on some feedback. 1.       Following was a state view for computer group which I achieved by selecting “Discovered Inventory” followed by “Change Target Type …”…


HOWTO: “restart” monitoring of my environment?

  My friend Cameron and I discussed following issue as one of the challenges he occasionally faces with his customers. In order to minimize his TCO and manual interventions, I promised to help even when such design request is not making it in feature set for our next release. Problem Description: There may be legitimate…


Clustered Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Operations Manager 2007

  Problem:   Monitoring of clustered virtual machines (guests) is unreliable with Operations Manager 2007. Instances of Virtual Machine are not monitored without any apparent reason. Scenario:   Having simple wolfpack cluster (implemented thru Microsoft Cluster Services – MSCS) with just a quorum cluster resource group and clustered Virtual Server 2005 R2 (following this guide)….