Computer group and dependency health rollup in OpsMgr 2007 R2 Beta release

… will be broken when you need to create group while inheriting from Microsoft.SystemCenter.ComputerGroup. <ClassTypes>   <ClassType ID=”TestCompterGroup.Group” Accessibility=”Public” Abstract=”false” Base=”SystemCenter!Microsoft.SystemCenter.ComputerGroup” Hosted=”false” Singleton=”true” /> </ClassTypes>   This was caused by disabling all dependency monitors defined for abstract managed entity type representing computer group while trying to minimize traffic from agent to server. <DependencyMonitor ID=”Microsoft.SystemCenter.ComputerGroup.AvailabilityRollup” Accessibility=”Public”…


Where is thy instance monitored and how that affects dependency monitor state?

This area is rather complex and multiple factors weight in while configuration service makes the final decision, but I will try to provide somewhat simplified, rule of thumbs examples/points to help to make an educated guess while troubleshooting some state issues. I will start with dependency monitor.   Dependency monitor Dependency monitor is used to…


What is next OpsMgr 2007? It is R2!!!

Announced in Brad Anderson’s keynote today in Barcelona at Teched IT Pro.  The public web site was updated too – check it out here:   thanks go to Vlad!