Agent Proxying Alert


Agent proxying needs to be enabled when health service discovers instance of some managed entity type for which management context doesn’t provide information that this exact health service will also monitor this instance.

For example proxying must be enabled when discovering instances of Virtual Server on cluster nodes (instance of Virtual Server will be managed by health service running on active cluster node where matching cluster resource group resides); it should be enabled for AD topology discovery etc.

Failure to insert discovery data when proxying was required was always present, but with SP1 release of Operations Manager 2007 we added alert that notifies operator. This alert should help to distinguished if it is desired to insert discovery data after inspecting alert context.

In the case alert is resolved without enabling proxying, it will be reprised next time discovery properties for that instance had changed. It will also be reprised when agent’s heath service restarted as this action always causes discovery of all instances to be managed by this health service to be reinserted.

Sample alert:

Agent proxying needs to be enabled for a health service to submit discovery
data about other computers.


Alert Rule:

Alert description:
Details:Health service (B261D17B-CF3C-41A7-7D54-90B8A03EE7D3) should not generate data about this managed object ( 889DC254-F9E6-D44F-A1FF-265F525B88E3 ).


Execute following T-SQL against OperationsManager database:

select * from basemanagedentity
where basemanagedentityid = 'B261D17B-CF3C-41A7-7D54-90B8A03EE7D3'

Make sure that proxy is enabled for health service matching Path property.

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