TechED North America 2009: Sessioni per architetti

La lista delle breakout sessions per architetti al TechED:

Break Out Sessions:

A Lap Around Team System 2010 Architecture Edition – Cameron Skinner

Understanding Environmental Compliance, Policy, and Regulation for IT Leaders (Taking Green to the Next Level) – Joan Krajewski; Lewis Curtis

From the Trenches: Using Architectural Skills to Increase Solution Adoption Success Rates – Jim Wilt     

An Introduction to the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 – David Hill

Architectural Strategies for Increased Discovery, Integration, and Modularity – Mario Cardinal

Using LAAAM to Make Good Architectural Decisions, Fast! – Jeromy Carriere

Applying Proven Business Analysis Concepts to Architectural Tasks – Matthew Hessinger

Is your CIO’s Head in the Cloud? – Miha Kralj

Patterns for Moving to the Cloud – Simon Guest

Claims-Based Identity: An Overview of Microsoft Code Name "Geneva" – David Chappell

Zen of Architecture – Juval Lowy

Role of the Architect in Turbulent Times – Mike Walker

Software as a Service in the Cloud – Michael Stiefel

An Overview of the Azure Services Platform – David Chappell

Architecture Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Application Architectures – Mark Pollack

Busy Microsoft .NET Developer’s Guide to Polyglot Programming – Ted Neward

The Microsoft Application Platform: A Perspective – David Chappell

Building Modular Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight and WPF – Ward Bell

Patterns with Microsoft SharePoint – Robert Bogue

Connecting Enterprise Applications to Existing Data – Paul Larsen



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