Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight v2.0 (PRISM)

Oggi è uscita la versione 2.0 di PRISM, la Composite Client Application Guidance per sviluppare applicazioni LOB (Line Of Business) con WPF e Silverlight !!

La nuova versione comprende :

    • Composite Application Library
    • Reference Implementation (Stock Traders application in WPF and Silverlight)
    • Quick starts (9)
    • How-Tos (26)
    • Lots of documentation for everything you want to know about UI patterns  and client architectures.

La release può essere scaricata qui :  here

Architectural Goals

The Composite Application Library is designed to help architects and developers achieve the following objectives:

  • Create a complex application from modules that can be built, assembled, and, optionally, deployed by independent teams using WPF or Silverlight.
  • Minimize cross-team dependencies and allow teams to specialize in different areas, such as user interface (UI) design, business logic implementation, and infrastructure code development.
  • Use an architecture that promotes reusability across independent teams.
  • Increase the quality of applications by abstracting common services that are available to all the teams.
  • Incrementally integrate new capabilities.


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