Pubblica la lista di tutte le sessioni del PDC

Alla fine la lista delle sessioni del PDC (Professional Developer Conference) è stata resa pubblica anche in versione offline !!

Per quanto riguarda gli aspetti di security (soprattutto Identity) sicuramente da non perdere :

BB11 Identity Roadmap for Software + Services (by Kim Cameron, Bertocci Vittorio)

The security demands on applications continue to grow in the face of compliance, online threats, and cloud- based software. In this session find out how to use Microsoft's portfolio of identity software and services to advantage your connected applications. Learn about the future roadmap for Identity and the claims-based architecture underlying it all, from Windows Live ID to Active Directory, from on-premises software to the cloud, and anchored in industry standard protocols.

BB42 Identity: "Geneva" Server and Framework Overview (by Caleb Baker, Stuart Kwan)

See how to use "Geneva" and the claims-based identity model to enable single sign-on, strong authentication, federation, and the ability to flow user authentication between applications. Find out how to use "Geneva" with ASP.NET, WCF, Active Directory, Windows Live ID, and Windows CardSpace.

BB29 Identity: Connecting Active Directory to Microsoft Services (by Lynn Ayres, Tore Sundelin)

Learn how to augment your existing IT infrastructure with Microsoft Services. Manage and secure end-user access to cloud services using your existing investment in Active Directory. Enable end users to access Microsoft services through existing Active Directory accounts, the same way they access your intranet-hosted software today. Hear how to enable existing software to use new service capabilities without re-writes, and do it all through the use of open and standard protocols

BB43 Identity: "Geneva" Deep Dive (by Jan Alexander)

Examine the architecture of the "Geneva" next generation identity server and framework and how it can be customized and extended for advanced security scenarios. At the center of the discussion is the Security Token Service (STS), a core component that provides authentication and identity services. Many applications will benefit from an embedded STS, and many scenarios will call for an STS that is built on a specialized user store.

BB22 Identity: Live Identity Services Drilldown (by Jorgen Thelin)

Live Identity Services enables developers on any platform to choose the identity integration model that best enables their scenarios, including: web or client authentication, delegated authentication, or federated authentication. Learn how to build seamless, cobranded, and customized sign-up and sign-in experiences.

BB28 .NET Services: Access Control Service Drilldown (by Justin Smith)

This session shows how to use the Access Control Service in your applications. Learn how to secure your application or service using the Access Control service's APIs. We will then drill into the protocols and security patterns the service uses along with explaining some of the service internals.

SYMP05 Services Symposium: Enterprise Grade Cloud Applications (by Eugenio Pace)

Today, hosted applications do not offer many of the features that large enterprises expect related to identity, management, and data. See detailed examples of "enterprise grade" hosted application design. Learn how to implement a federated identity scenario, enable remote application management, and provide richer control of data storage

BB44 Identity: Windows CardSpace "Geneva" Under the Hood (by Rich Randall)

Windows CardSpace provides a consistent, hardened sign-in experience that uses standard protocols and works with both thin and smart client applications. Learn about the features and architecture of the next version of Windows CardSpace.


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