The ‘CRM_FullName’ parameter is missing a value

I would like to share with you an issue I had running reports from CRM 4.0 and getting the error

“The 'CRM_FullName' parameter is missing a value”

In case you find yourselves in the same situation, doing a lot of troubleshotting on parameters and so on..., it is worth checking the following:


It could be caused by a lack synchronization between the value of the user in the Active Directory and in the CRM table. The user might have being changed in the AD but not synchronized correctly in CRM.



Compare the CRM user logon name in the CRM Users and the Logon name in the users AD properties. If they are different, You can solved the issue by updating the domain name in the systemuserbase table in org_MSCRM database to the right user.

Instruction in this KB article to avoid any reoccurrences of this issue:

How to change the user name and the logon name for a user record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Good Luck,

Maria Esteban

Reporting Services Support Engineer

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