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We all have great  ideas, what most us tend to is seat on them; put them on the back shelf; think it  isn’t unique enough?; and am I really being innovative.  That is why I like Mulleweg quote, “Usage is like Oxygen for ideas…” , you will never know how great your idea is until you put it out there.

This is where the Imagine Cup 2013  Student Accelerator comes in.  For the first time Microsoft is partnering with Silicon Valley premier accelerators to help you bring your ideas to life!The successful  applicants will  receive mentoring, workshops, and technical guidance from startups & tech industries in silicon valley at Microsoft’s expense!

Over period of 2 months the successful applicants will spend time with mentors, participate in workshops, receive technical guidance you need to unleash your idea!

Signup today !

The U.S. Imagine Cup Student Accelerator is accepting applications until January 6, 2013. To apply for the program all we need is just an idea and you and your teams background. What are you good at.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to  meet investors and fundraisers;  promote and publicize their ideas in tech media  such as Fast Company, TechCrunch etc; given money to start their own business; and expert advice from professionals. To find out more please visit Imagine Cup 2013 page.  

To be apart of this amazing opportunity make sure you and your team read the rules; fill in the application form; and do a  video pitch! Remember this is a skill contest and we just want to see how awesome you are. With your pitch video be creative show your  technical skill in a way that is interesting, innovative, shows your idea, and most of  all represents you.

Get the ball rolling

The Windows 8 student Holiday App Challenge is a great way to get started.  The challenge is to create and publish your  Windows 8 app by January 20th and win a $100 gift card.   Whether you look at it as  developer, design or in a business perspective as Mullenweg said ,”you can never fully anticipate how an audience is going to react to something … until it is out there.” By taking the  challenge and signup accelerator program you are creating and increasing the awareness of your brand. If you take the challenge and are accepted into the accelerator program, by the time you are silicon valley you will have a better perspective of  what your audience likes and expects.  Read more on the Holiday App Challenge here.  TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

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