Deploy your vNext project to the Cloud

Before you read this post, I assume you have read getting started with a vNext project on a Mac. ASP.Net vNext has been designed to be cloud ready. So, regardless of whether you are on Mac/linux/PC or using sublime or Visual Studio 2015 deploying a website with Github is going to be the same workflow….


Open Source & Microsoft

  In a series of tutorials, I am going to be exploring using the Microsoft in an open source setting.  The tutorials are going to be exploring  how you setup your environment to getting more creative using Azure tools and Asp.Net vNext using sublime on OSX. Getting Started series Installing your Stack on Azure LAMP…


Getting Asp.Net vNext running on a Mac! Shazam

Shazam! Asp.Net vNext on a Mac![/caption] ASP.Net  is making a huge comeback! With the  ASP.Net vNext the open source version of the .Net series, has opened up it’s  framework to an entirely new web developer community .  The cool thing about this lean framework is you can get use ASP.NET in the comfort of your…


Building an App with App Studio

Vids is an app I built using App Studio.  Pulling data from SoulPancake channel on YouTube.  If you haven’t checked out SoulPancake please do.  These videos are a great way to start your day and that’s why I built this app.  I built Vids to get people watching and sharing the joy and humor these…


Welcome to the new App Studio

A couple of months ago  I did a post on building an app using App Studio.  Since then Windows Phone has been hard at work  making some  changes.  In an updated tutorial to the one I did in September 2013, I am going to be going  to building a new app and going over some…


App Experiment : What drives Downloads?

“What drives Downloads ?”  Is  an experiment I conducted at the end of the year.  At the end of  2013 I did a little of experiment.  The purpose of the experiment was build 2 apps that performed exactly the same function and only change the Icons, color, name and vocabulary and examine the download numbers…


The Hackathon Guide to Windows 8 Apps

  This post is  summary to an blog post I wrote  last week.   Please view original post  here.  A Hacker’s Guide to Windows 8 Apps is a four step guide to building apps at a hackathon on the  Windows platform.


Windows 8 & Windows Phone Dev Accounts have Merged

Here’s how it works If you have existing registered Windows Store Account you can now submit apps to the Windows Phone store at no additional cost, using the same live account(Microsoft account). Same applies for registered Windows Phone developers , if you can now submit to the Windows Store account at no additional cost as…


Re-provisioning a MySQL Database for an existing Azure WordPress Site

If you have ever  unfortunately deleted  the ClearDB to your Word Press  Azure Site you  the next time you navigate to your blog, you will be greeted by the  HTTP 500 error.  As an  avid  blogger or small business owner this can bring  a huge amount of stress ! This post is going to show…


I have a new blog

Hi ! Thank you so much for stopping by.  I have moved to my blog to a new blog to follow my dreams of being on  Azure 🙂 !  Please bookmark my new blog