Mobile realted MSDN event

If you missed the Mobile Embedded Developers Conference then this is a great oportunity to catch up on NET CF 2.0 and WM 5.0.     MSDN TechTalk – What’s new in .NET CF 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 development? Date/Time: Tuesday 27th September, 6pm – 9pm Venue: Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley…


Free Windows Mobile 5.0 Porting Lab (UK based)

The EMEA mobility team have put together a porting lab to help you understand Windows Mobile 5.0, and to help you move your applications to the new OS…. Welcome to the EMEA Windows Mobile Application Development and Porting Program. The aim of this program is to provide you with the technical training and support, required to…


C++ event happening in Reading, UK

C++ is generally closer to the heart of most embedded / mobile developers as we find ourselves in the wilds of native code more often than a desktop developer. Well here is a great opportunity to come along to Thames Valley Park in Reading, UK and get the low-down on the Whidbey C++ experience directly…


Q&A from Mobility MSDN TechTalk

Tuesday evening I was speaking at an MSDN event in Reading, UK about Mobile Development and there were a number of questions raised during and after the event:   From Chris Walker: “Do you know if there is any audio/multi media tutorials etc. I think there was a VB.Net TV program that Microsoft sponsored.”  …


Great site for Device Pictures

I was looking for some info on TMobile devices and came across this site on Pocket Mac showing device images from many different manufacturers. The site starts with RIM devices (well no one is perfect 🙂 ) but also includes *most* of the recent Pocket PC and Smartphone handsets.