Samsung i640v

Information about the new Samsung i640v device have started to appear on various blogs and news pages:Samsung SGH-i640V

Engadget, Unwired, MSMobileNews and even a short video on YouTube.

It is a compact, elegant device with a slide out qwerty keypad and a thumb wheel incorporating D-Pad functions, Bluetooth 2.0 +ERD, 2.4 inch QVGA (landscape) screen and HSDPA capable radio which supports up to 3.6 Mbps data rate! Unfortunately the claims of GPS and WiFi are untrue - nice idea tho!

This device will be available through Vodafone and like the Palm 500v, is also running the Vodafone Terminal Platform Program (TPP) version of Windows Mobile 6.

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  1. herg says:

    WiFi and GPS are onboard the i640v!

  2. Maxigroovy says:

    —WiFi and GPS are onboard the i640v!—

    Are you sure? (you have a source?) I hope so! If the i640v lacks wifi, it’s just an i620 with another (new iMac style) finish.

  3. marcpe says:

    As I said in the post, unfortunately the i640v does not have WiFi or GPS support.


  4. the danster says:

    I’ve been in touch with a mate at vodafone, they have it listed as GPS and WIFI onboard, although their marketing and website specs are woeful so don’t expect it to be clearly listed as a feature. I should be getting one on the 22nd Nov so will hopefully post an update not long after….

  5. dan says:

    one thing out of curiosity Marcus, as with other windows mobile devices, will we be able to flash the device with a standard ROM?

    i have heard snippets of info on this vodafone TPP but am expecting it to be just like most other service providers and be a cut down or restricted version – are you able to comment on that or if we’ll be able to flash a standard ROM on there?

    thanks, dan

  6. marcpe says:


    in theory yes, but you will need a keyed ROM image that contains the appropriate drives from Samsung, so practically I’m not sure this will help.

    It’s also worth noting this device is significantly different from the i620 in hardware i.e. CPU, radio etc, so you won’t be able to use a ROM from there.


  7. dan says:

    thanks marcus, i hope i didnt offend you by asking if i can just blat all your hard work straight off the phone!

    mine should be shipping today so looking forward to my first samsung mobile and first of this form factor – I’m getting an HTC tytn 2 also so it will be interesting to compare them side by side


  8. TOM leo says:

    i find one i640V full download ,but i don’t know if it is right.

  9. monim says:

    its very disappointmint that smasung i640v lake of waifi…..

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