MEDC Session demos

The European MEDC is over! All the build-up, all the prep and its all over so fast (uh oh, starting to show my age 🙂 ). It was great to meet up with so many people from the industry as well as old friends and to feel a real buzz about mobile devices.

If you attended then you will be receiving a nice shiny post conference DVD with all the slides in the next few weeks, but I promised that I would post my demo material here for those that asked.

I presented 3 sessions this year which all seemed to go reasonably well - apart from the emulator dropping out in the provisioning session (thanks for the help Keni). I've zipped up the demo's and the slides from each session. Feel free to grab them and dig through, but remember its all sample code and provided 'as is' with no support.

Advanced Windows Mobile

NOTE: for the camera streaming to work you need to modify the IP address hard coded in the CameraCapture project to point at your own desktop machine. Also the web site for "WimoBot" that Brian Cross demo'ed is here:

Local Authentication Sub System



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  1. I was lucky enough to get into all of Marcus’s sessions on the final day. He’s top draw Mobile dev guy…

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