VBUG Swindon presentation – "Essentials of Hack resistant apps"

As requested, here  are the slides from last nights VBUG talk in Swindon.



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  1. DominicZ says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Fantastic presentation. really opened my eyes to security.

    I spoke to you in the break regarding to "how much security" needs to take place with regards to checking files, checking Web.config/App.config settings and how far to go with checking files – every file access, just at the beginning etc.

    Is it possible you could re-iterate your comments on this Blog? I found them most helpful.



  2. marcpe says:


    thanks for the feedback. Sure, I would be happy to post a summary of our discussion, but its likely to be next week before I can get this done in any coherent form.


  3. Ian Pettman says:

    Thanks for the event, well worth the trip.

    It would be nice to see more "best practices" events, especially in relationship to allied technologies – as developers its very easy to get fixeated by the (endless?) process of MS provideing new technologies and (without divulging comercail secrets) see how they work and are implimented in the real world.


  4. DominicZ says:

    I remember someone was looking for a good regular expression tool in this conference. Try:


    Fantastic tool. Well worth purchasing as it can even generate the code for you to test the expression in the language of choice including:

    – C#

    – Delphi

    – Java

    – Javascript

    – PCRE

    – Perl

    – PHP

    – Python

    – Ruby

    – VB6/VB.NET

    – VBScript

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