Vodafone and Microsoft

Check this out: Vodafone signs new terminal platform agreement with Microsoft: http://www.vodafone.com/article_with_thumbnail/0,3038,OPCO%253D40000%2526CATEGORY_ID%253D210%2526MT_ID%253Dpr%2526LANGUAGE_ID%253D0%2526CONTENT_ID%253D291534,00.html   So that means Microsoft is now one of the three Vodafone phone platforms along with Symbian and Linux. Thats about all I can say right now, but more on this later…   Marcus


Windows Mobile 5.0 Role security

I’ve just submitted a new post to my security column (http://www.microsoft.com/uk/msdn/security/default.mspx), but it takes a couple of weeks to hit the web through that route. So I might as well post it here too.   Here is the unedited version:   Introduction In my last entry on this column I described the code signing security architecture of Windows…


MSDN Nuggets site updated

I noticed this morning that the UK developer group has finished their long anticipated overhaul of the MSDN Nuggets page: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/msdn/events/nuggets.aspx Nuggets are short (e.g. 10 to 15 mins) videos focusing on a specific feature or technology. No marketing, no fluff, just raw information. And now the site is categorized, searchable and much easier to use! There are…

Secure Clock

I’ve recently been working on an interesting problem for detecting clock changes in Windows Mobile 5.0. The problem I’ve been trying to solve is this: lets say you have a business operation that takes place at date/time x and the data is only valid for y minutes past that point: so that beyond x+y the content…


MEDC Session demos

The European MEDC is over! All the build-up, all the prep and its all over so fast (uh oh, starting to show my age 🙂 ). It was great to meet up with so many people from the industry as well as old friends and to feel a real buzz about mobile devices. If you attended then…


Timed Camera Capture – Update

Regards the Timed Camera Capture sample I posted last month, lots of you came across a bug in my code that slipped through my rigorous testing. I did a little code tidy up before I posted the ZIP and inadvertently removed an important line from the graph setup steps. Of course I tested it thoroughly…


MEDC Europe: T – 2 weeks

If you are not registered for MEDC Europe yet, there is still time: Good reasons to register and attend: Chance to WIN an i-mate K-JAM: From 1 May 2006 – 2 June 2006 all registered delegates will be entered into our DAILY prize draw to WIN an i-mate™ K-JAM, the sooner you register the better your…

Voda ships AKU2 update

Voda has released its AKU2 rom updates for the Universal, wizard and typhoon devices. This release includes MSFP (Messaging and Security Feature Pack) which makes your device ready for Exchange Push email. Get the updates here: http://s131209249.online.de/vodafone_software/index.htm   Marcus

New team

It’s been a while since I last blogged and I can now let on as to what’s going on in my life. Besides the normal hustle and bustle of working at Microsoft that always seems to get in the way of blogging, I’ve been in the process of changing job. I’ve moved from the Developer…

GPS Intermediate Driver

Keni Barwick of Conchango fame has been playing with the GPS Intermediate driver on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. As well as finding a solution to the HTC ‘issue’ he has posted a step by step guide for setting up GPS signal sharing. Here is a link to his post. Marcus