Secure Code

In case you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of months, Visual Studio 2005 has launched (along with SQL 2005). We are in the middle of a country wide tour taking some interesting presentations and Chalk Talks to Birmingham (done!), London (next week), Harrogate and Edinburgh. One of my tasks at these events is to lead the security Chalk Talk which seemed to go pretty well at the Birmingham event, generating lots of questions and discussions. One of my colleagues, Paul Maher, has just posted a good summary of information, links and book suggestions driven by some of the questions at the event here.

Also on the subject of secure code, there is another Microsoft event that Paul is due to lead, happening at the Microsoft offices (near Piccadilly in London). It’s on the 1st December and you can get details from Paul's blog here or book a place here.



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