My first 64bit machine

I built my first 64 bit machine this week with an ABIT KU8 motherboard and AMD Semperon 2800 chip. As usual it all started with a member of my ‘extended’ family mailed me saying he had bought some new bits to build a machine and couldn’t get it working, please could I take a look….


Windows Mobile 5.0 Local Authentication Sub System (LASS) – Part 1

I came across another new feature of Windows Mobile 5.0 recently when trying to install an application that we originally created for Windows Mobile 2003 on a WM 5.0 device. The application, called Pocket Beat, is designed to provide Police officers with query access to the UK Police National Computer whilst away from the station….


Secure Code

In case you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of months, Visual Studio 2005 has launched (along with SQL 2005). We are in the middle of a country wide tour taking some interesting presentations and Chalk Talks to Birmingham (done!), London (next week), Harrogate and Edinburgh. One of my tasks at…