We Share Your Pain (WSYP)

I don’t really know what to say about this except you have to check it out! http://msexp.streamnavig.com/msexp/player.asp?e=E9999&s=9999_en_w&f=9999_en&uid=00011C7758813ADF&lng=en&cou=uk# I will be checking my office chair a bit more closely in future! Marcus


Orange Code Camp

Just got back from this years code camp organized by Orange – very different and interesting event! Take 400 people (mostly from Europe) with one thing in common – a passion for mobile computing, and put them in a somewhat isolated environment but exclusively booked for the event. Then provide facilities for lots of fairly…


Installing CF 2.0

CF 2.0 is about to release on Nov 7th but obviously no device will have the bits in ROM for some time. If you are writing code now that relies on CF 2.0 how can you deploy it?   Firstly the CF bits need to be shipped with your installation. There are a number of…


Autorun in managed code (CIO summit application)

The European CIO Summit is taking place this week in Barcelona. Conference delegates will receive a T-Mobile SIM unlocked MDA device (that’s an HTC Universal to you and me). T-Mobile needed an application that can be used by the delegates to automatically configure their device for the specific operator and country settings of their own SIM…


Conchango visit

Thanks to Keni Barwick and the guys at Conchango for your hospitalities on Friday’s community day. Here are the slides and demos we went through. Slides Demos It was also good to catch up with Neil Cowburn of OpenNetCF fame even if it , who has been working at Conchango for a couple of months now….


MSDN Tech Talk: Windows Mobile 5.0

Here are the slides and demos from last Tuesday’s MSDN Tech talk in Reading. It’s taken me a while to get these out because I had a rather scary moment involving a lot of rain and my laptop. My laptop bag got very wet in an unexpected downpour and when I powered it up the screen…