Security Session for Developers: "Essentials of Hack Resistant Applications"

Due to popularity I have been asked to re-run a security related session I presented recently to a VBUG (Visual Basic Users Group) audience. Its not specifically mobile focused but instead looks at the common threats that any developer needs to be aware of. The sessions are being held on the Microsoft campus in Reading, UK and the Microsoft building in London Great Pultney Street respectively. Sign-up is free and there is usually beer and piza available half way through the evening. This is really a ‘show and tell’ type session just going through lots of different scenarios showing the type of code that is vulnerable to attack and how it can be avoided or mitigated. 


MSDN TechTalk: The Essentials of Hack Resistant Applications – Thursday 26th May - 118759243

Telephone number: 0870 166 6680 ref 9243



MSDN TechTalk: The Essentials of Hack Resistant Applications - Wednesday 29th June - 118759244

Telephone number: 0870 166 6680 ref 9244



Session Brief:

Security is the responsibility of the System Administrator, right? Wrong. Developers can no longer hide behind this shroud. Security is the responsibility of the whole project team, working together to understand and manage potential threats to their solution. This session is designed to help you understand the impact your code has on overall system security by demonstrating common attack scenarios, alerting you to bad practices and exploring techniques that help identify risks and mitigate system vulnerabilities (eg threat modelling).



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