Let’s Talk About Touch (Part2)

In part 1 I introduced several of the key pieces in Windows Mobile 6.5 gesture story, including the basics of what a touch gesture is and how the system identifies and delivers gesture messages to your app. I finished up by introducing you to the Physics Engine, so let’s continue from there. Natural Physical Interaction…

Windows Mobile 6.5 Touch Gesture docs go live

The doc team has just published our touch gesture docs for Windows Mobile 6.5 Check them out here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee220920.aspx I’m still working on part 2 of my touch blog post; hopefully I’ll get it done next week. Marcus


Let’s Talk About Touch (Part1)

Windows Mobile (and CE) has supported touch screen interfaces since the beginning but the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 brings something new to the platform: gesture support. Gestures are intended to be a more natural way of interacting with the device through the touch screen, making more of an emotional connection between the user and…


Samsung i640v

Information about the new Samsung i640v device have started to appear on various blogs and news pages: Engadget, Unwired, MSMobileNews and even a short video on YouTube. It is a compact, elegant device with a slide out qwerty keypad and a thumb wheel incorporating D-Pad functions, Bluetooth 2.0 +ERD, 2.4 inch QVGA (landscape) screen and…


Default GPRS setting

Way back in the misty past – October 03, 2005 to be precise – I posted about configuring networks and GPRS entries on Windows Mobile. I left an open question about how to configure the default GPRS entry the device should use for a specific network destination. For example if I configure 3 different GPRS…


Palm Treo 500v Announced

Following the launch party last night (no, I didn’t get an invite 🙁 ), Palm now have online details of their new 500v device, available through Vodafone. The device will be available to buy from 1st October – price details not available yet – and will ship in UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain…


Connection Manager

Connection Manager We’ve been working on a bunch of very tricky connection issues recently that came to light when creating a network configuration setup for a Mobile Operator (MO). The trickiness comes as a result of the complex network topology and the requirements and limitations from the MO: 1>     The MO network supports only one…


MEDC 2007 slides

Well, its all over for another year. So much prep and rushing about, then 2 days later its all done – today seems such an anticlimax. I want to say thanks to David Goon, John Wyre and the rest of the UK team that so competently put MEDC together year after year, and give us the…


MEDC 2007 Europe – Bluetooth session APP304

June 26th and 27th will be MEDC Europe in Berlin, and one of the sessions I will be doing is all about programming bluetooth. For those of you registered to attend the event, one of the demo’s I will be using in this session is simple bluetooth client server comms. So to make it a bit…


Vodafone and Microsoft

Check this out: Vodafone signs new terminal platform agreement with Microsoft: http://www.vodafone.com/article_with_thumbnail/0,3038,OPCO%253D40000%2526CATEGORY_ID%253D210%2526MT_ID%253Dpr%2526LANGUAGE_ID%253D0%2526CONTENT_ID%253D291534,00.html   So that means Microsoft is now one of the three Vodafone phone platforms along with Symbian and Linux. Thats about all I can say right now, but more on this later…   Marcus