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I will post further reflections on business value with software development and on the reflective practice of “architecture” on the following address:


Is all of software engineering dead?

The subject matter of «software engineering» has been of enormous interest to me since youth. As usual for novel things, in the beginning it represented the most advanced form of professional thinking and behavior in software. The reason for that belief was not that I knew enough of it, but mainly because my lack of…


To what degree it is my ignorance?

Phillip G. Armour, in his work The Laws of Software Process: A New Model for the Production and Management of Software, proposes that software is a mean for the preservation of knowledge as have been the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the brain, tools, equipment (hardware) and books. In order to acquire any knowledge, we first need…


Being wrong

I attended a wonderful talk about me: being wrong. That is, the talk was about a persistent trait of we humans.


Which Science?

The event La Ciudad de las Ideas occurred in the city of Puebla, Mexico, 11-13 November 2010, included a debate between theists and atheists. In a format similar to the debate occurred during the same event of the year 2009. Does the universe have a purpose? was the question proposed to ignite the debate. The…


The Zen of Architecture

Browsing the Internet is like going alone outside, like walking on the streets of cosmopolitan urban centers of today. Where you can find very good things to your own good or disturbing events can find your way. This post is open to the world of Internet; hence, the target audience is as wider as it…



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