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I will post further reflections on business value with software development and on the reflective practice of “architecture” on the following address:


Reflective developer

…or why I see no authority in traditional certification exams? I have followed authority and I am aware of the value of doing that, so much so that today I still look forward to follow authority. A serious problem is precisely that there is no grounds to hold any longer the belief that the mindset…


Inspiration for test-driven design?

What could possibly inspire someone to take test-driven design (TDD) more seriously? I can only tell about what kind of experience has inspired me: (1) the act of watching someone doing TDD with dexterity. (2) Observing the quality of the outcome in relation with its requirements and specifications. (3) Checking out the pace of work…


Good intention alone

Often I hear phrases or calls, on the part of people in a hierarchical position in an organization, such as the following examples. I listen to them either directly or endorsed by such persons: “By questioning we are open to critical positions that allow us to filter what we must preserve and discard what is…


Faculties offer courses and lectures freely

The University of Washington, the Computer Science & Engineering department —as other faculties like MIT and Stanford with programs like MIT OpenCourseWare and Stanford Engineering Everywhere— offers videos recordings of selected lectures and course materials. This is great for those interested in learning and further improvement. For example, recently (October 21, 2008) Joe Duffy from…


Will mankind exist on Earth 100,000 years from now?

It is hard to say based on self-destructive trends in us. Help are available in several forms. Science is one, not as a system of beliefs taken religiously but as an attitude of the mind. Taken this way, I appreciate the following quote in full: “One thing I have learned in a long life: that…


Discussing uncomfortable questions

For those with critical thinking habits, let’s cogitate about this: «If day after day goes by with nobody discussing uncomfortable questions like these, won’t the good people of my country be guilty of making things worse?» —Donald E. Knuth Could this type of questions be translated to the lesser sphere of software development and the…


Belief and behavior

A belief is —for practical purposes— something that we thought is true. The incredulity or disbelief is a case of belief where we thought of a belief to be false. To doubt about something means to keep the related true-false judgment in suspended or pending state. To ignore is to have a complete absence of…


Una introducción a la ciencia – Pensamiento científico y el método científico

Una introducción a la ciencia – Pensamiento científico y el método científico Por Steven D. Schafersman. Enero 1994. Introducción Para tener éxito en este curso de ciencia y, más específicamente, para contestar algunas de las preguntas del primer examen, debes familiarizarte con algunos conceptos respecto a la definición de ciencia, pensamiento científico, y los métodos…


Software design epistemology and The Three Pigs

There is a notion that philosophy starts in the vast ocean of abstractness, unconcerned about the implications at the concrete level, but that is not philosophy, that is romanticism. Another notion of philosophy —proven objective— is that of science in general and theory of knowledge in particular; where the character and the development of concepts,…