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I will post further reflections on business value with software development and on the reflective practice of “architecture” on the following address:



ORDEN OGAN – Angels War ORDEN OGAN – The Things We Believe In (2012) KNOCK ON WOOD “Amii Stewart” Donna Summer- Hot Stuff Blondie- Call me Fire Inc. Nowhere Fast (completo) Greg Kihn Band – Break up song The breakup song (They don’t write ‘Em) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Crimson & Clover Joan…


The practical disproportion

Some individual or a small group of them have an idea or a system of ideas that look promising out of which come outstanding outcomes. Later, those very same ideas are adopted into the mainstream but a much lesser level of greatness comes out. I have observed this pattern over a number of dissimilar contexts,…


Belief and behavior

A belief is —for practical purposes— something that we thought is true. The incredulity or disbelief is a case of belief where we thought of a belief to be false. To doubt about something means to keep the related true-false judgment in suspended or pending state. To ignore is to have a complete absence of…


Una introducción a la ciencia – Pensamiento científico y el método científico

Una introducción a la ciencia – Pensamiento científico y el método científico Por Steven D. Schafersman. Enero 1994. Introducción Para tener éxito en este curso de ciencia y, más específicamente, para contestar algunas de las preguntas del primer examen, debes familiarizarte con algunos conceptos respecto a la definición de ciencia, pensamiento científico, y los métodos…


Critical thinking and software design

I have consistently seen best software designers apply critical thinking ideas to their daily work, in particular, to their own design decisions. For example, I saw this: a seasoned software designer talked about why a design could be adequate for a particular area in current system under design. Then, a junior designer asked some —apparently…


‘The real world’ – an update

From time ago, I have wondered what does it really mean when people include the phrase “the real world” in a conversation. Usually they convey it with such a sense of safety so that from that time on, most of the audience seems to know what the speaker is talking about (just as ‘the real…


Running a software company

An absolutely essential factor in running a software company effectively is the vision from a real, actual professional programmer, period. Indeed, the technical profile of Mr. William Henry Gates III has been an important factor at Microsoft. Of course, MBAs have their role at any company but please MBAs, consider this: do not try to…


Taking software engineering seriously

Why this is important? For me, this is important because as a practitioner of the trade I have a historical responsibility to layout the best possible base for future practitioners and for the future of the profession. What is it? It seems that software engineering is correctly a branch of engineering discipline, because many take…


It’s a good time to be a developer

I recently read this phrase from A. Russell Jones at, and I agree.That has been my opinion for my adult lifetime