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I will post further reflections on business value with software development and on the reflective practice of “architecture” on the following address:


Inspiration for test-driven design?

What could possibly inspire someone to take test-driven design (TDD) more seriously? I can only tell about what kind of experience has inspired me: (1) the act of watching someone doing TDD with dexterity. (2) Observing the quality of the outcome in relation with its requirements and specifications. (3) Checking out the pace of work…


Good programming styles

A presentation by Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++, about good programing styles. This presentation was dedicated to Dennis Ritchie, creator of C. Note of relevance: The C programming language, in one way or another, is at the bottom of all existing computing. Day 1 Keynote – Bjarne Stroustrup: C++11 Style


Sugar-free C# – Part 2: Iterators 1

Task: as a breadth developer, I need to analyze a set of VB6 legacy applications and enlist all stored procedures invoked per subroutine per application. Is this a task for a breadth developer? Let’s consider this criterion: if the number of concepts needed to successfully apply an effective solution to the problem exceeds what the…


Sugar-free C# – Part 1: Introduction

There is the notion of breadth developer, which encompasses the attitudes of the practical mindset: How can I do such and such task in a straightforward way? For example, I need to analyze a set of VB6 legacy applications and enlist all stored procedures invoked per subroutine per application, how can I use C#’s iterators…


Central piece of code as a cornerstone for a tool

Sometimes, the idea of a tool could gravitate around a very simple piece of code, an enabling mechanism that gives life to a much larger functionality. That is the case of a simple tool I am writing for my own use. It is an application, based on Windows Presentation Foundation, which help me to upload…


LINQ Samples

Visual C# — 101 LINQ Samples Visual Basic.NET — 101 Visual Basic LINQ Samples


Know your design tools — The Singleton case

A professional software designer —one whose next paycheck depends on the quality of her software— looks for an ever increasing acquaintance with his design tools. One of the most important design tools in software is the actual computing machine —abstract, virtual and physical— where the software under design will be executed. The reason why the…


Stepping into base class libraries of .NET Framework while debugging

Here are some pieces of information about stepping into base class libraries of .NET Framework while debugging: Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code by Shawn Burke Debugging into the .NET Framework Source by James Kovacs


COM+ object per client model

Consider the following ECMAScript: var mather=new ActiveXObject(“Arithmetic.Math”) WScript.Echo(mather.Sum(5,5)) WScript.Echo(mather.Sum(5,5)) Output is: 10 twice. No brainer.Arithmetic.Math could be an in-process (loaded in the same process of COM Client), local (loaded in different process on the same computer) or remote (loaded in a process on different computer) COM Server. The above COM Client is unaware of this…