it is the people, as always has been

“But Sabre says it was XP, not Java, that produced the dramatic quality improvements”,10801,91646,00.html And I remember you, as you already know, it is the people! From programmers to program managers and customers  


Note about Pair programming opinion (in Spanish)

This is one of the most well-informed opinions on the Web and in Spanish about pair programming subject. Well done:   Pair Programming: Qué es, Lo Bueno, Lo Malo y Buenas Prácticas   A note about the point 1 in section “the bad”, of course you know, “your mileage may vary” each project have…


Design paradigms marginalization

Multi-paradigm design is an old time technique, as software designers we should be aware of what James O. Coplien said “Perfectly good paradigms have been marginalized by object-oriented hype” [Multi-Paradigm Design for C++]   Look at:   Special issue on multiparadigm languages and environments IEEE Software January 1986   Facilitating Mixed Language Programming in Distributed…


Job security

As designers and developers we need not just technology updates. The latest technology does not mean the latest and more effective thinking, the tools do not think for us. As ever, job security is a matter of personal choice The following article talks more about the need of new development practices in mainstream development Now…


We do interiorize software concepts by practice

Take test-driven development technique [1] for example, why people do not understand that it is a design technique and not a testing technique?   [1]   In order to understand something like this practice in particular, and iterative development in general, one must put it into practice. That is the only way to know software…


Including Common Intermediate Language to your .Net designer toolbox – generating CIL

An interesting technique is called generative programming, “is a software engineering paradigm based on modeling software system families such that, given a particular requirements specification, a highly customized and optimized intermediate or end-product can be automatically manufactured on demand from elementary, reusable implementation components by means of configuration knowledge” as stated by Krzysztof Czarnecki and…


Including Common Intermediate Language to your .Net designer toolbox – the beginning

Include Common Intermediate Language to your .Net designer toolbox   Why? See: Abstraction stacks and multi-paradigm software design   Simplistic program – straight start Create a text file named (“uno” has been the name of the very first program I have written for every programming language I have learned, uno means one in…


Abstraction stacks and multi-paradigm software design

Why is important to learn Microsoft Common Intermediate Language (CIL)? In your role of software technology end-consumer, there is very little, almost non-existent need to.   In your role of software technology producer, a software designer most likely, then the answer is the same as answering: Why is important to a Daytona race pilot to…