Creative thinkers and science

Creative thinkers and great designers often share a scientific view of life. Scientific thinking has propelled technological inventions. Technology repeatedly has been of great help for mankind; software technology is key, as Bjarne Stroupstrup has said: our civilization runs on software. For illuminating accounts of creative and scientific thinking see, for example: iWoz: Computer Geek…


Which Science?

The event La Ciudad de las Ideas occurred in the city of Puebla, Mexico, 11-13 November 2010, included a debate between theists and atheists. In a format similar to the debate occurred during the same event of the year 2009. Does the universe have a purpose? was the question proposed to ignite the debate. The…


Watts S. Humphrey

Watts S. Humphrey, founder of the Software Process Program at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and recipient of the National Medal of Technology, has passed away Thursday, Oct 28, 2010. He wrote extensively about software process management, as attested in his writings. I admire his attitude for research about this subject matter. Managers…


What does it mean to get an Agile certification?

I have heard through many years that a certification-based curriculum is very, very important for those who want to be considered competent. I have tried hard to understand this perspective. I have been told the importance resides in the fact that business decision-makers can’t tell for themselves if a given professional is competent or not…


Good intention alone

Often I hear phrases or calls, on the part of people in a hierarchical position in an organization, such as the following examples. I listen to them either directly or endorsed by such persons: “By questioning we are open to critical positions that allow us to filter what we must preserve and discard what is…


Software development process is about flow

Taylorism* still has strong mental roots in the endings of post-industrial era; hence, many still try to reason about the creation process of software-based business solutions in terms of an old-manufacturing mindset: trying to characterize analysis, design, testing as discrete units for some kind of division of labor. But the concept of flow has started…


Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition

Latest Microsoft Application Architecture Guide is available from the following hyperlink: Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition This is a good resource to consider when thinking about the design of concurrent and distributed software-based system solutions.


Debate is welcome in adaptive thinking

A normal and healthy situation in a team of peers is open communication. This is precisely what is expected in an agile team: The most efficient and effective method ofconveying information to and within a developmentteam is face-to-face conversation. Principles behind the Agile Manifesto Communication: Everyone is part of the team and we communicate face…


The Zen of Architecture

Browsing the Internet is like going alone outside, like walking on the streets of cosmopolitan urban centers of today. Where you can find very good things to your own good or disturbing events can find your way. This post is open to the world of Internet; hence, the target audience is as wider as it…


Una introducción al pensamiento crítico

Una introducción al pensamiento crítico Por Steven D. Schafersman. Enero 1991. Introducción al pensamiento crítico El pensamiento crítico es un tópico importante y vital en la educación moderna. Todos los educadores están interesados en enseñar pensamiento crítico a sus estudiantes. Muchos departamentos académicos desearían que sus profesores e instructores lleguen a informarse acerca de las…