Software design epistemology and The Three Pigs

There is a notion that philosophy starts in the vast ocean of abstractness, unconcerned about the implications at the concrete level, but that is not philosophy, that is romanticism. Another notion of philosophy —proven objective— is that of science in general and theory of knowledge in particular; where the character and the development of concepts, propositions, arguments are all ultimately connected to the explanation and prediction of concrete observations.

So, for true philosophical thinking in our field, we should strive for software design epistemology that lead us to gain knowledge, that is to say, when our beliefs are true and justified in the context of constant, general and required relationships (also known as laws) between observed facts.

Often, there is an implicit message around us telling “Do not complicate your life, be practical and just make the least possible effort in order to look good”. Perhaps, this message was the guiding reason behind the behavior of the two pigs eaten by the wolf in the fairy tale The Three Pigs.

Which kind of foundation are you laying down for your software design profession?
A foundation of straw, sticks, or bricks?

It is, of course, your decision.

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